Rotary is an established service organization, and successful as we are, we are also constantly in search of good people to join us and sustain us. We call ourselves “An inclusive group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. Our membership comes from all walks of life and from all forms of business, trade, and profession. We welcome anyone who would like to consider joining Rotary and the process of doing so is merely a matter of finding a current Rotarian to become your Sponsor.

If you don’t know a member of the Rotary Club of Cobourg, we invite you to connect with us through this website, and we will be delighted to arrange for someone to speak with you personally and answer all of your questions.

Coming up to our 100th year, we have enjoyed the membership of hundreds of Rotarians over the years – in fact, our current membership is over 150 people. It stands to reason that if we are to sustain the Club, we will need an infusion of many more people over the next century.

Think about joining us. The work we do, the camaraderie we enjoy while doing it, and the gratitude of the people we help, make Rotary a very pleasant way of life.