As a member of the Rotary Club of Cobourg, you are expected to volunteer and sign up for and actively participate in 2 or more committees per year. It is through the various committees and their Chairs that all club activities and initiatives are kept operational. This includes everything from the weekly meetings to the major fundraisers. Service Above Self is the Rotary International Motto and nowhere does it ring so true as with committee involvement. These committees are what drive the club and the service and funding we provide to our community and as such, are vital to the health, welfare, and growth of the club.


The purpose of this committee is to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.”  Positions are: Chair, Vice-Chair and 15 to 16 members. This committee is responsible for:

• Fundraising for, and raising awareness of, the Rotary Foundation’s mission, history, priorities, and initiatives;

•  Overseeing the collection of individual members’ contributions to the District’s annual Rotary Foundation Walk;

• Awarding Paul Harris Fellowships on behalf of the Club;

• Assisting members with applications to present Paul Harris Fellowships;

• Recommending local candidates to the District for Ambassadorial Scholarships;

• Organizing events and fundraising for the eradication of new cases of polio, worldwide;

• Upon the death of a Rotarian, the Committee arranges in memoriam donations to the Rotary Foundation.


On Friday, February 2, 2024, the Rotary Club of Cobourg will host a new fundraising event — the ‘SpeakEasy’.  It’s an exclusive event designed to transport our guests back to the roaring 1920s – an era known for its elegance, glamour, and prohibition.  Once attendees receive the password and learn of the secret location, they will be invited to join us for an evening of signature cocktails, culinary delights, and live music!  Funds raised at our event this year will support our Club’s financial commitment to Habitat for Humanity Northumberland and other community initiatives.


This committee organizes and oversees implementation of the Club’s second Annual Signature Event of the year. On the July 1st weekend, it hosts a high-quality Arts, Crafts and food festival with the help of Rotarians, friends, and volunteers. For this event the Committee partners with the Cobourg Lions Club, Town of Cobourg and the Chamber of Commerce.  Each group is responsible for its own section of the event, overseen by a Central Waterfront Board of representatives of the four partners. The Inner Wheel also assists by providing Vendor Services. Positions are: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, as well as groups responsible for Food, Carnival, Bistro, Web Site, Media, Public Relations, Vendors, Site, Electrical, Security, Manpower, Gates and Admissions, Sponsorship and Fundraising, Signs and Banners, Vendor Shuttle, ATM, and Parking. The Committee meets monthly, throughout the year, to plan for the event.


This committee organizes and oversees implementation of the Club’s third Annual Signature Event of the year. On the third weekend of August, it hosts a high quality and profitable Ribfest. As one of the larger Committees, it is reliant on both club volunteers and the support of individual and community group volunteers to help make it a success. Positions are: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, as well as groups responsible for Ribbers, Food Vendors, Beverages, Non-Food Vendors, Entertainment, Site, Electrical, Water, Manpower, Housekeeping, Waste Management, Gates and Admissions, Security, ATM, Sponsorship, Signs and Banners, Media, Judging Panel and Awards, and Vendor Parking. The Committee meets monthly, throughout the year, to plan for this event.


The Literacy Committee is committed to enhancing and improving literacy for adults and children. We provide funding for library materials, library and community organizations’ programs, books for schools, large print books and audios for seniors and writing competitions.  We want to help promote these literary endeavours, particularly when we can join with other organizations to provide even more assistance. Positions are: Chair, Co-Chair, and other volunteer Club members interested in improving literacy. Members are responsible for attending and participating in meetings, actively participating in approved Committee projects, reviewing funding requests. See what we’ve done lately.


This committee has the mandate to consider requests for funding of projects or community events within Cobourg and surrounding areas. In order to be eligible for funding, applicants must be community-based, volunteer-driven, and/or a charitable or not-for-profit organization. PCEC oversees and is instrumental in granting a range of available funding small and large and has the authority to proceed with funding up to the amount of 1500 dollars. For funding beyond $1500, a recommendation and motion are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee looks at all requests and weighs the Club’s involvement on both a financial and sweat equity basis.  To request funding, an organization submits a form (available online). Once the application and any supporting documents are received, the committee takes a team approach to do a thorough review before considering a recommendation to fund or not to fund a specific request. The Committee actively encourages eligible organizations who need funding for capital costs, events or programs to consider applying. Positions are: Chair, Co-Chair, and a team of club members. See what we’ve done lately.


Requests for financial assistance will be considered for members within our community, usually defined as Cobourg and Hamilton Township. This assistance may be for a variety of needs, such as contributing to dentures, wheelchairs, cost of medical transportation, etc.  Assistance will be provided to the supporting organization or agency, or directly to the service or material provider. It will never be given directly to the applicant. The committee may also consider providing sweat equity where possible. Positions are: Chair, Vice Chair, and 20-25 other Club members.  To provide continuity it is desirable that about half the members be re-appointed, and to provide a fresh perspective, the others should be new to the committee. The Committee has the authority to proceed with funding up to the amount of 1500 dollars. For funding beyond $1500, a recommendation and motion is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


The Mandate of this committee is to improve the quality of life of those in need, through international service.  The Committee consists of a Chair and Vice Chair and 15 to 20 committed Rotarians. The committee responsibilities:

• To encourage co-operation between Rotary clubs and districts, within Canada and in other countries, to carry out and participate in common purpose programs, activities and opportunities, with emphasis on early stage, the short term “seed money” needs.

• To increase awareness among Rotarians, and our community, of international development and cultural issues, as well as the importance of implementing projects that help people help themselves

• To communicate successful World Community Service to other Rotarians and to our community.


Committee mandate:

• To serve as a liaison between the Rotary Club of Cobourg, as a sponsor, and the Air Cadet 598 Sabre Squadron.

• To provide, encouragement, guidance, and support for the Air Cadets.

•  To assist in the provision of a safe environment for, and provide support to the Air Cadets.

• To encourage Club members to support the cadets through attendance at the Squadron’s Annual Review, visits to the parade hall to witness training classes, and interaction with cadets and cadet instructors.

The Committee consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair and 8 to 10 Rotarians and will provide a monthly report on squadron activities and events to the Board of Directors, and interact through the Squadron Support Committee with the squadron’s Commanding Officer, Civilian Instructors, Civilian Volunteers, and liaise with other cadet unit SSC’s.


Camp Enterprise is a three-day entrepreneurial business program run by six Rotary Clubs in Northumberland County. The six clubs, Cobourg, Port Hope, Northumberland Sunrise, Colborne, Brighton, and Campbellford make up the central committee. 64 high school students from the five area high schools (including Cobourg, Port Hope, St Mary’s, Brighton, and Campbellford), are invited to attend the camp each year.  The committee consists of a Chair and Vice Chair and 15 to 26 Rotarians with responsibilities to plan the event and solicit Rotarian leaders and mentors from neighbouring Clubs for the Camp.  They may engage a few outside guest animators.  They also poll the area schools for student participants. The 64 students are assigned to 8 teams of 8, and each team has a mix of males and females from the various schools. Inbound and outbound Rotary Exchange students are also encouraged to attend camp.

All activities are supervised by Rotarians who have obtained certified police checks. Each team of 8 students has two adult Rotarian mentors.  The camp has been regularly held at Trent University, Lady Eaton Campus.

The students learn about team building, are exposed to a number of business games and to five guest speakers from the world of business. The highlight and focus of the camp is the negotiation of a realistic collective agreement between “the Union” and “Management”. The 8 teams are constantly ranked and scored, which makes it fun for the students.


The Mandate this committee is to find and offer students 16 and 17 years of age an opportunity to participate in a 1-year exchange to study and learn about the culture and language of other countries. The committee consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair and 9-10 Rotarians with the following responsibilities:

• Under the auspices of Rotary International, and in cooperation with the District 7070 YEC, the committee conducts an annual selection process for a Cobourg area Outbound student who will travel to the host country for the year.

• Select a Counsellor and 4 Host Families for the Inbound student, who will come to Cobourg for the year. The Inbound student lives with each Host familiy for 11- 12 consecutive weeks primarily during the school year.

• Encourage all Cobourg Rotarians to offer to engage and participate in activities with the student during the year.

• Monitor the progress of both the Outbound and Inbound students to see how they are adapting to their new environment, language, customs and school (which is obligatory).

• Committee and Counsellor are responsible for dealing with any matters needing attention during the exchange.


The committee consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair and a number of volunteers who enjoy the interaction with members as they enter weekly. The range of responsibilities are:

• Records member attendance at Club meetings,

• Maintain a record of each member’s attendance over the course of the year,

• Identify when an individual club member’s attendance falls below the required 50% level and initiate /address the non-compliance process,

• Work with the Director of Club Services and the Board during the process to resolve member’s attendance concerns,

• Arrange awards for perfect member attendance over the course of the previous year.

Subsequent to each regular Club meeting the Chair of the Attendance Committee will input the attendance information for that meeting into the database including the make-ups. This Attendance database automatically updates each member’s information. At least once per month, the Chair of the Attendance Committee will review the attendance to identify any attendance issues.


The committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, and Club members interested in youth development. The Chair is responsible for reviewing initial request, soliciting additional information, and providing information to members for a vote.  Committee members are responsible for reviewing donations requests, attending meetings, and voting. The Mandate is:

• To help create young, strong, leaders by providing financial support for youth and youth organizations that provide developmental opportunities. This includes helping students who cannot afford class trips, curriculum delivery in schools, and youth leadership opportunities.  The committee also provides and reviews scholarships to local schools.

• To consider requests for financial assistance for youth up to the age of 25 within Northumberland County.  Assistance may address a variety of needs, including medical, educational and recreational.


The committee consists of a Chair and 17 outgoing and friendly members tasked with welcoming Visiting Rotarians and Guests, selling tickets for our 50/50 Card Draw and Scooter Badges.


The Committee consists of Chair, Vice Chair along with interested Rotarians who meet to review and select a roster of individuals/organizations to present at weekly meetings for the coming year as well as New Member Classification talks. They create the yearly program, book guest speakers, schedule classification talks and select the Rotarians who will do the introductions and thank you.  There is also a Music subcommittee as the Cobourg Rotary Club is a ‘singing’ club.

The Chair will keep the President and Club Secretary informed of the upcoming program in advance. The Committee seeks input from both the President and Club Members on topics of interest and coordinates special programs for major events throughout the year. The Chair or Committee member ensures that audio-visual and sound requirements are coordinated with both our technical support and the Best Western and ensure that guest speakers are aware of the amount of time available to them so that meetings can wrap up on time.


This committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice-chair, and other interested members. The members of this committee are tasked with set-up and take down of all paraphernalia – flags, signs, Queen’s Portrait, etc. and AV required for the weekly meetings. They are also responsible for collecting any fines or happy bucks that occur during the course of a weekly meeting.


The committee consists of eight members including a Chair and Vice Chair, so that each editor is responsible to provide members with six issues of newsletter-style minutes of the Club’s weekly meetings during the year. Bulletins are emailed to all members. The Bulletin is intended to inform and entertain members and to form a permanent record of official club meetings.  Accuracy is highly valued, but care is taken to ensure it never interferes with entertainment value.


The Committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and a number of creative, good-natured and fun-loving members who together create opportunities for members to meet, chat and get to know one another. The Committee creates fun events for all Rotarians and their families striving to create opportunities that build stronger personal connections through the joy of fellowship. The Committee organizes events throughout the year. Our major annual events consist of the Rotary BBQ, the Christmas Wine and Cheese party, the Children’s Christmas Party, President’s Night, a Golf Tournament & Dinner and the series of Fellowship Dinners that take place where members of the club can choose to host a dinner in their home or attend a dinner hosted by another club member. There is also Christmas Cheer Raffle and throughout the year other social events such as “A Night at the Races”, Dinner/ Theatre Packages, Maple Syrup Festival, a Skating Party or anything else that gives Rotarians and their families a chance to share in the love of life, fun, and fellowship of Rotary.


The Committee consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair and Club members who serve on this important committee to oversee Club growth and maintenance. The committee encourages Club members to propose and sponsor new members. They also review the applications of prospective members and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding final member approval.  The Committee plans and considers strategies for Member retention and development.

It is also charged with accessing the needs of the Club as it pertains to age, classification, and gender.  In conjunction with the Mentorship Committee, Membership plans activities that provide new members with an overview of the club and helps with involvement, Community Service, and integration into the Club as quickly as possible.


The Committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Club members who are committed to developing and maintaining a brand and communication strategy for the Cobourg Rotary Club. The responsibilities of this committee include the continuing development and maintenance of the Club Website and the development, implementation, and maintenance of all communication tools and initiatives.